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April 7, 2010

Have I?

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Changed I mean.

I mean, I don’t see much changes in me.
Well, I am much more me now.
Still nice, but much more of a bitch in a nice way ofc!

After 4 years,  I still have the same friends.
I cant possibly have changed much?
Well, my girls have grown 😀
This better not jinx it!

Been meeting people, mingling and running around the place trying to get rid of excess energy.
And stuffing my face with food! 😀

But I am here to fulfill my side of the deal.

10 things to fulfill before I die

1. Go to Italy/Europe/travel the world with heaps of spending money.
2.  Actually do some charity work/help the needy for a few years.
3. Learn about God again.
4. Own a nice house/apartment with a killer view and large deck/balcony.
5.  Have someone to grow old with (because marriage scares the hell out of me!)
6. Do something I love as a career.
7.  Be able to look back on life at any point and not have any regrets.
8. To be able to always go with my impulses.
9. Be happy and contented even if life is not pleasant.
10. Dance as much as I can, eat as much as possible, love like tomorrow’s the end and not bother with people who doesn’t matter.


February 27, 2010

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

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Little Ms Perfect has been dead busy with life.
I don’t even have time to do cool stuff anymore.

I’ve left the country.
Left my beloved friends, family, bestie, boyfriend.

Now I’m older.
With a real job.
Paying bills.
Making plans.
And also, slightly more lady-like.


Anyways, we need a new theme, love.

What say you? 

10 things to do before I die?


Speaking of which, I should reply bestie’s previous post – well, I don’t have 10 things; but 5 will do for now! (:

10 significant things that happened in 2009

1. I graduated from university.
2. I moved out of home.
3. I travelled alone.
4. I found a banking job.
5. I didn’t cry in 6 months.

December 18, 2009

Of the past few months..

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So, this has been dead for a long long time. And I decide to update!

I’ve only just recently (well, more like one month) break free from the clutches of the evils while the best friend has been busy with the thing every adult does.

Work is so not fun. I just realized. No more Adidas or crazy colored leggings. All are just mundane uninteresting clothes. My new bright pink tie dye leggings has been attracting more attention than I thought it would. Its so much fun! I don’t think working is for me. Either that or I need to get a job that allows me flexibility with my clothes! Oh bother!

Coming to the end of the year, this shall be a post on the year, yes?

Ten things that happened in 2009.

1.Broke up for the first time ever.
I will never ever stop caring. But there comes a time when I’ve got to let go to love me once again.

2. Boys.
Made out, dates, had fun. Moved on.

3. Grown in terms of design/social thinking.
I’ve learnt so much this last half of the year in terms of thinking. Its quite amazing.

4. Made new friends.
And realized that there are people out there who can really take me for me. The slutty, bitchy and full on me. I don’t have to constantly be behind a front.

5. Saw that one person that I’ve been wanting to see.
7 years was all it took. And what great nights it was. Would not mind reliving the whole three weeks again.

6. Realized how loved I am.
By the extended family. Never knew but its never too late to know.

7. Grew immensely fashion wise.
A lil peek-a-boo skin here and there, colored leggings, layers and stuff that normal people will deem weird.

8. Grew apart from a friend.
Sad but yes. It happened. Just on totally different pages in life I guess? Been thru heaps of shite but what’s done is done.

9. Fell back in love with life.
And dance. Whenever something is bothering me or I need to be distracted, I turn up my music and dance. I’m not the best at it but it keeps me sane and calms me down.

10. One year older, one year wiser.
That has never been so true.

August 18, 2009

10 Weird Things about Me

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1. I tend to dance in my chair when I am tired of doing work/falling asleep.

2. I dance/bop to music with headphones on when I think that no one is looking.

3.I really want to dress up in tight corset, garter belts and the works for a night out!

4. I love the smell of new things/tags still on clothes.

5. One of the main reasons why I want a bf is so that I get to steal his clothes 😀

6. I love eating ice-cream during cold winter nights.

7. Doing my makeup makes me immensly happy.

8. I had dragonfruit for the first time about 1 month ago.

9. I think best in the shower.

10. I don’t like soup.

August 5, 2009

Dear Best Friend;

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Happy birthday my dear. I’m sorry there is no awesome image like last year (cause I am lazy like that =.=). It sucks that you’re 1 million miles away! But trust that you are going to have a great day there!

Thank You for being the bestest best friend one can ask for.
Thank You for being there thru all the high and low’s.
Thank You for being brutally honest when I need it most.
Thank You for all the impulsive shopping trips.
Thank You for all the support.
Thank You for all the bitch sesh when I needed it.

Thank You for being you!!

I wish that you were here and I miss you so very much!

Hence, here is a toast;


Eh no. Wrong (Wah I am so lame!)


Here’s to you!

Here’s to another great year!
Here’s to all your wants coming true!
Here’s to all your dreams that much closer!
Here’s to the awesome person that you are!
Here’s to you who has tolerated me for years!
Here to you; for being the person that you are!

Ultimately; here’s to the person that can never be replaced.  🙂

Oh, we’ve got a long, long way to go
To get there
We’ll get there
But oh, if there’s one thing that we know
It’s that we will not grow old

Lenka – We Will not Grow Old

I love you.


July 24, 2009

The kinds that should just go poof!

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I’m back! Bigger and better (literally =.=). It took me a considerable amount of time to fulfill my part of the deal but the time has finally come for me to!

The kinds of humans that I would rather not interact with.

Look, we are not being mean here; we just have out preferences. We are still very nice people; if you are nice that is!

And without further ado; here’s my list!

1. People with no substance – Hey. I’m cool with you having so substance, just don’t butt into conversations that you have no idea about. Just don’t. I’m saving you from any embarrassment on your part and time wasting on mine. Go gain a lil substance before you play with the grown ups, yea? 🙂

2. Brand Whore’s – All good if you can afford it! I’ll even look on with much envy! But what I cannot take are people who are obviously big big brand whores but says that they are not (cause they cant afford it etc). I know my brands; I know what I like and what I don’t like. I can tell fakes from real; some anyway. Condemn me for having all these knowledge but not being able to afford any but I’ll wear my $20 bag proudly and it might just look better than your 2k one (Let’s not kid ourselves; some out there ought to be burned!)

3. Stupid people (!!!!) – Oh my this is a huge one for me. I’m not talking about being book smart. I have had my stupid moments; quite a lot actually! But what I’m talking about is those people who are just so stupid! People who does things for the benefit of now; people who are ignorant to the obvious; people who plays with sparks, creates a fire and whines about it. I expect people who are around me (give or take 4 years) to at least have some common sense but it has been proven (again and again) that stupid people are abundant.

4. Fake people – I admit, I can be super fake sometimes. I have heaps of alter ego’s that needs to be unleashed! But that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about people who are trying to fake what they are not. Those who are trying to be someone else but is failing miserably. You cant make a leopard change its spots! If you don’t have it in you to fake it; don’t. It painful to watch.

5. Arrogant people – This includes people who thinks that they rule the world, older generations who demands respect (and for that you get none for me), people who goes around flaunting what they have and people who are up themselves. URGH go away!

6. Selfish people – Enough said!

7. Backstabbers – If you have any sort of problem with me, grow some balls and confront me. Don’t go around spreading stuff about me which has no basis whatsoever. That’s dirty child’s play and honestly, I expected you to grow out of it already.

8. Guys who are being pussy-whipped – Oh c’mon!

9. Weak people -Mentally. So what if you’ve been rejected? Grow some balls, you’re not a kid anymore! Don’t effing whine about it!

10. Unreasonable people – YUCK YUCK YUCK.

11. Players – I’m talking about those who are in a relationship already but still check girls out, obviously. Looking is fine talking about how she has a nice arse is fine too but dont oogle. And dont hit on chicks as well! Dont be dirty. You’re in a relationship; if you think she is not good enough, move on properly. Karma’s a bitch. This applies to girls too.

And this is the end of my long list; granted not all are listed but this is enough! 😀

June 8, 2009

Tell Me: Do you stereotype people?

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Okay, so it’s been a while since either of us has bothered to blog on here. But I won’t tell you why because it’s none of your business, really.

ha ha, just jokes.

Well, the truth is.. Bestie has been to busy with uni work and as for me, well, I’m moving (sort of). Moving countries, that is. Going away in search of greener pastures on the other side of the fence, type thing. I’ll talk more about it some other time though because today, I want to fulfil my side of the bargain since it’s my turn to come up with a fresh new topic to blog about this time around!

Today, I want to talk about the types of people I dislike!
I stereotype people alot. Yes! I’m one of those evil people who classify people into categories. I have favourites and the opposite of favourites. I don’t think I should use the word “hate” because it may be a tad too strong.

Anyway, enough of my babbling.. pop goes the weasel:

1/ Rude people – I absolutely DETEST (okay, that’s a strong word) people who are rude and obnoxious to strangers on the street. If you don’t know the person, at least pretend to be civil, even if you don’t mean it. Is that so hard to do? Honestly? A simple thank-you, sorry, excuse me, please. It doesn’t even take much effort and breath to cough out these simple words. You could even bow if you didn’t want to say anything. Just show a bit of respect and some nice manners.. that’s all I’m asking for, really.

2/ Stupid people – People should read more to make themselves smarter. Books and magazines are a good start. Watch more TV. Surf the net. Talk to people around you. It’s so easy to gain knowledge these days. Even if it’s useless knowledge. It’s better than being stupid!

3/ Arrogant people – I don’t think anyone likes them anyway so I’m not going to waste my time explaining why I don’t like such people.

4/ Stingy people – YUCK YUCK YUCK! Because I’m a gift-giving and gift-receiving type of person.. I find myself struggling to understand such people. But I have to also admit that I do not want to understand them either. I just don’t get it. There are more important things in life than money.

5/ Petty people – Let it go, people! You’re not only making yourself miserable but the people around you too. Can’t you see that you’re a pain to be around with? No one wants to be friends with you or even associate with you because you’re so sensitive and easily offended. It’s tiring having to be on the guard on the time and watching what we say and do.. just in case we hurt your feelings. Ugh! I find such people incredibly frustrating to be around with.

6/ Dirty people – I don’t like people with bad personal hygiene. I can deal with a messy.. but not someone who hasn’t showered in like a week and sprays a whole bottle of cologne/perfume on himself/herself to cover up the bad bad B.O. These include people who sleep around too. Not that they are similar or related to those with bad hygiene. But I think people who sleep around lots or have multiple sex partners are sort of dirty too.. like contaminated. It’s a bit mean, I know. But that’s just my own personal opinion.

7/ Lazy people – Sigh.

8/ Selfish people – People who expect you to help them all the time and when you do, they are either ungrateful or don’t even bother to show any form of appreciation afterward.

9/ Racist people – Triple GRRR! Please don’t make me explain this. Just accept it.

10/ Bimbos (both male and female versions) – Why? They just piss me off. Superficial coconut-headed idiots!

And this marks the end of my very cruel list.

February 14, 2009

Mr. Customized

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If you have to know (I know all the one reader we have is dying to know) relationships is not my platter of seafood (read favorite food post). They tend to go sour on me after a few months (if you are lucky!). There’s too many mini-me’s inside me screaming to be heard in regards to this post. Them and Beyonce too (Little did he know; My man gonna take it off tonight!). Can you tell i am just trying to make this longer so that it may or may not distract you from the whole main point of the post (Epic FAIL!). Part 2 below may or may not cause you to throw up your dinner tonight and swat me like an annoying fly because I am a silent romantic at heart.

I want a guy who would kiss me in front of his friends;
hold my hand in front of his parents &
goes ‘She’s the one’ when I am all the way on the other side of the room to his friends.

I want a guy who would dance with me under the stars;
One who would kiss me in the rain (washed away makeup and all)
One who would kiss me on the lips when I look at him with doubt.

He has to be able to carry me without any obvious strain (This is a feat!)
Which means that he has to be buffed and dark.
He should wear polo tops on an occasional basis
and clean up good 🙂

He should be able to dance and keep up with me!
And not get too drunk cause its just not my thing.

Trust me.
Talk to me.
Make me laugh.
Wipes away my tears.
Makes me happy.
‘Just because..’
Love me.

PDA should be second nature.
Oh and eyes that I can see, please.
He should be able to take me up on my spontaneity and not be a wet blanket.
As well as tolerate my tantrums, bitchy moods and all those that makes me a girl.

Patience, reliability, trustworthy, calm, honest.
I would like a guy who would go shopping with me and not grumble;
as well as a guy who would sweep me off my feet.

He has to have a good sense of direction;
and understands the importance of words and actions.
Someone who would love my lumps and bumps as much as I hate them.
Someone who I can cuddle up to and feel comfy not doing anything with.

Above all;
He has to make my heart beat faster.
Make a good day great.
Impress me just with his presence.
He has to be able to take me to places I’ve never been to and teach me stuff.
Act like he is upset just so that I’ll kiss him.
Understand that I don’t need material stuff;
But just someone who will satisfy me emotionally.

I dont want ‘the perfect guy’ to every other girl.
I just want my perfect guy who is no where near perfect.
And loves me because I am not either.

I know that I am not asking for the moon and that ‘he’ exists.

And now.. back to my game.

February 11, 2009

The Mr Perfect List

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So now that I’m well into my 20s.. or rather, just entered my 20s.. I find myself creating yet another mental list of my ideal husband. It used to be called the boyfriend list. That was the time when my head couldn’t get past the dating phase. Now it’s gone over and beyond that. I’m actually exploring the whole concept of marriage. The whole “till death do us part” deal. I want to get married and have a husband that I can love and be loved by. It’s not romantic. It’s just a desire. I like that idea of having someone other than myself to think about and fuss about.

Anyway, here goes:

1. Taller than me
2. Older than me
3. Stronger than me (emotionally + physically)
4. Street smart
5. Rich
6. Happy
7. Easygoing
8. Simple
9. Polite
10. Generous
11. Reliable
12. Trustworthy
13. Honest
14. Good natured
15. Considerate
16. Funny
17. Christian
18. Proactive
19. Thinks things through
20. Plans for the future
21. Loves ME!

Am I asking for the moon, or what? (:

August 18, 2008

Protected: Today!

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