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November 27, 2008

Tell Me: Does anyone here love food reviews like I do?

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Okay peeps! I’m back from a long long long hiatus.

To make up for all the lost time..

I’m going to do my catch-up version of a favourite food review. Simply because I a huge aversion towards most food, SO, if I do find/have something that I enjoy consuming.. well, I think it’s worth blogging about.

FWAH! I’m melodramatic today.

ANYWAY! Let’s cut to the chase.

I now present to you: My #1 snack of all time!

The Kit Kat.
Kit Kat
I adore Kit Kat. I think it’s one of the most intelligent and note-worthy inventions of all time. Why didn’t they win a Nobel Prize for this? It’s so yummy and yet so affordable. A piece of chocolate, well, half of which isn’t really chocolate. But that’s the beauty of it! A humble, and oh so simple snack. With lovely red and eye-catching packaging too!

And it’s one of those snacks that tries to do everything. Look at the dozens of flavours (e.g. green tea, peanut butter, strawberry) it’s tried to form a partnership with. Some not-so-successful combinations, while some of them are just brilliantly fantastic! You have to give it some credit for trying to conqueor the world.

10/10 jellybeans!


September 29, 2008

Favourite Food

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I love eating. And I love good food. I grew up eating the best food in town, waking up at unearthly hours, waiting in the sweltering heat just to satisfy my tummy is almost a norm. To me, having good food is essential. Whenever I have a bad meal, I am highly unhappy! And thus sulk and go off to have the best dessert I can find just to make up for it.

1. Seafood

I love seafood. Baked, fried, grilled, raw I’d eat ’em all! I have a weakness for seafood. It has to, of course, be fresh and done properly. Doesn’t the platter above just makes you want some? I don’t think that I have a favorite kind of seafood. Its too hard to choose!

2. Food where Nasi Lemak, Rendang, Satay, Lemang, Bubur Chacha, Laksa, Kueh Chap originated from!

Or more generally, Southeast Asian food! I’d love to add pictures under this category but there are just too much! If I did, there wont be an end to this post. Oh my. Just thinking about it is making me hungry. All these food are really disease inducing but really, its too good to not have! I may end up being old and full of disease but its all good. OH YES! Pork spare parts. I absolutely love pork spare parts. There are meals that just has to have pork spare parts. I can proudly declare that I’ve had the best malay and pork spare parts ever. EVER. Oh gawd. And to think that sometime soon, I wont be able to taste them anymore T.T People who cooks these should be awarded a medal or something. Oh, dont get me started on the desserts and kuih’s..

3. Meat


I love my meat. And I enjoy my hearty pieces of meat. Do away with the so called ‘artsy presentation’ with tiny pieces of meat, a whole lot of potatoes and vege’s with some sauce drizzled on the side and give me a big piece please! I’m paying $20 to be filled and not to admire your so called ‘perfect presentation’ and pretend its perfect. Why make it look so ‘good’ when its all going to come out one way? Psh. I like mine big and well done please! Ha!

4. Tropical Fruits

mMm! I love fruits too! Can you name all of them? One thing I love about tropical fruits is how you can add salt/sugar to some of them to enhance the flavor of the fruit. The above is my favvy fruits. Its been years and years since I had them. I remember how after dinner meal there will be a platter of fruits on the table for consumption. Because these fruits are considered ‘heaty’, I usually fall sick after being a glutton and having way too much. Oh and durians, I only eat the sweet ones.

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p/s: This is the longest post ever! It took me 4 hours to finish because I keep getting distracted! And I also think that this is a real bad topic. Its torture to be able to see pictures and not taste them. Oh boo!

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