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April 7, 2010

Have I?

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Changed I mean.

I mean, I don’t see much changes in me.
Well, I am much more me now.
Still nice, but much more of a bitch in a nice way ofc!

After 4 years,  I still have the same friends.
I cant possibly have changed much?
Well, my girls have grown 😀
This better not jinx it!

Been meeting people, mingling and running around the place trying to get rid of excess energy.
And stuffing my face with food! 😀

But I am here to fulfill my side of the deal.

10 things to fulfill before I die

1. Go to Italy/Europe/travel the world with heaps of spending money.
2.  Actually do some charity work/help the needy for a few years.
3. Learn about God again.
4. Own a nice house/apartment with a killer view and large deck/balcony.
5.  Have someone to grow old with (because marriage scares the hell out of me!)
6. Do something I love as a career.
7.  Be able to look back on life at any point and not have any regrets.
8. To be able to always go with my impulses.
9. Be happy and contented even if life is not pleasant.
10. Dance as much as I can, eat as much as possible, love like tomorrow’s the end and not bother with people who doesn’t matter.


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