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December 18, 2009

Of the past few months..

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So, this has been dead for a long long time. And I decide to update!

I’ve only just recently (well, more like one month) break free from the clutches of the evils while the best friend has been busy with the thing every adult does.

Work is so not fun. I just realized. No more Adidas or crazy colored leggings. All are just mundane uninteresting clothes. My new bright pink tie dye leggings has been attracting more attention than I thought it would. Its so much fun! I don’t think working is for me. Either that or I need to get a job that allows me flexibility with my clothes! Oh bother!

Coming to the end of the year, this shall be a post on the year, yes?

Ten things that happened in 2009.

1.Broke up for the first time ever.
I will never ever stop caring. But there comes a time when I’ve got to let go to love me once again.

2. Boys.
Made out, dates, had fun. Moved on.

3. Grown in terms of design/social thinking.
I’ve learnt so much this last half of the year in terms of thinking. Its quite amazing.

4. Made new friends.
And realized that there are people out there who can really take me for me. The slutty, bitchy and full on me. I don’t have to constantly be behind a front.

5. Saw that one person that I’ve been wanting to see.
7 years was all it took. And what great nights it was. Would not mind reliving the whole three weeks again.

6. Realized how loved I am.
By the extended family. Never knew but its never too late to know.

7. Grew immensely fashion wise.
A lil peek-a-boo skin here and there, colored leggings, layers and stuff that normal people will deem weird.

8. Grew apart from a friend.
Sad but yes. It happened. Just on totally different pages in life I guess? Been thru heaps of shite but what’s done is done.

9. Fell back in love with life.
And dance. Whenever something is bothering me or I need to be distracted, I turn up my music and dance. I’m not the best at it but it keeps me sane and calms me down.

10. One year older, one year wiser.
That has never been so true.


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