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July 24, 2009

The kinds that should just go poof!

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I’m back! Bigger and better (literally =.=). It took me a considerable amount of time to fulfill my part of the deal but the time has finally come for me to!

The kinds of humans that I would rather not interact with.

Look, we are not being mean here; we just have out preferences. We are still very nice people; if you are nice that is!

And without further ado; here’s my list!

1. People with no substance – Hey. I’m cool with you having so substance, just don’t butt into conversations that you have no idea about. Just don’t. I’m saving you from any embarrassment on your part and time wasting on mine. Go gain a lil substance before you play with the grown ups, yea? 🙂

2. Brand Whore’s – All good if you can afford it! I’ll even look on with much envy! But what I cannot take are people who are obviously big big brand whores but says that they are not (cause they cant afford it etc). I know my brands; I know what I like and what I don’t like. I can tell fakes from real; some anyway. Condemn me for having all these knowledge but not being able to afford any but I’ll wear my $20 bag proudly and it might just look better than your 2k one (Let’s not kid ourselves; some out there ought to be burned!)

3. Stupid people (!!!!) – Oh my this is a huge one for me. I’m not talking about being book smart. I have had my stupid moments; quite a lot actually! But what I’m talking about is those people who are just so stupid! People who does things for the benefit of now; people who are ignorant to the obvious; people who plays with sparks, creates a fire and whines about it. I expect people who are around me (give or take 4 years) to at least have some common sense but it has been proven (again and again) that stupid people are abundant.

4. Fake people – I admit, I can be super fake sometimes. I have heaps of alter ego’s that needs to be unleashed! But that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about people who are trying to fake what they are not. Those who are trying to be someone else but is failing miserably. You cant make a leopard change its spots! If you don’t have it in you to fake it; don’t. It painful to watch.

5. Arrogant people – This includes people who thinks that they rule the world, older generations who demands respect (and for that you get none for me), people who goes around flaunting what they have and people who are up themselves. URGH go away!

6. Selfish people – Enough said!

7. Backstabbers – If you have any sort of problem with me, grow some balls and confront me. Don’t go around spreading stuff about me which has no basis whatsoever. That’s dirty child’s play and honestly, I expected you to grow out of it already.

8. Guys who are being pussy-whipped – Oh c’mon!

9. Weak people -Mentally. So what if you’ve been rejected? Grow some balls, you’re not a kid anymore! Don’t effing whine about it!

10. Unreasonable people – YUCK YUCK YUCK.

11. Players – I’m talking about those who are in a relationship already but still check girls out, obviously. Looking is fine talking about how she has a nice arse is fine too but dont oogle. And dont hit on chicks as well! Dont be dirty. You’re in a relationship; if you think she is not good enough, move on properly. Karma’s a bitch. This applies to girls too.

And this is the end of my long list; granted not all are listed but this is enough! 😀


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