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February 14, 2009

Mr. Customized

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If you have to know (I know all the one reader we have is dying to know) relationships is not my platter of seafood (read favorite food post). They tend to go sour on me after a few months (if you are lucky!). There’s too many mini-me’s inside me screaming to be heard in regards to this post. Them and Beyonce too (Little did he know; My man gonna take it off tonight!). Can you tell i am just trying to make this longer so that it may or may not distract you from the whole main point of the post (Epic FAIL!). Part 2 below may or may not cause you to throw up your dinner tonight and swat me like an annoying fly because I am a silent romantic at heart.

I want a guy who would kiss me in front of his friends;
hold my hand in front of his parents &
goes ‘She’s the one’ when I am all the way on the other side of the room to his friends.

I want a guy who would dance with me under the stars;
One who would kiss me in the rain (washed away makeup and all)
One who would kiss me on the lips when I look at him with doubt.

He has to be able to carry me without any obvious strain (This is a feat!)
Which means that he has to be buffed and dark.
He should wear polo tops on an occasional basis
and clean up good 🙂

He should be able to dance and keep up with me!
And not get too drunk cause its just not my thing.

Trust me.
Talk to me.
Make me laugh.
Wipes away my tears.
Makes me happy.
‘Just because..’
Love me.

PDA should be second nature.
Oh and eyes that I can see, please.
He should be able to take me up on my spontaneity and not be a wet blanket.
As well as tolerate my tantrums, bitchy moods and all those that makes me a girl.

Patience, reliability, trustworthy, calm, honest.
I would like a guy who would go shopping with me and not grumble;
as well as a guy who would sweep me off my feet.

He has to have a good sense of direction;
and understands the importance of words and actions.
Someone who would love my lumps and bumps as much as I hate them.
Someone who I can cuddle up to and feel comfy not doing anything with.

Above all;
He has to make my heart beat faster.
Make a good day great.
Impress me just with his presence.
He has to be able to take me to places I’ve never been to and teach me stuff.
Act like he is upset just so that I’ll kiss him.
Understand that I don’t need material stuff;
But just someone who will satisfy me emotionally.

I dont want ‘the perfect guy’ to every other girl.
I just want my perfect guy who is no where near perfect.
And loves me because I am not either.

I know that I am not asking for the moon and that ‘he’ exists.

And now.. back to my game.


February 11, 2009

The Mr Perfect List

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So now that I’m well into my 20s.. or rather, just entered my 20s.. I find myself creating yet another mental list of my ideal husband. It used to be called the boyfriend list. That was the time when my head couldn’t get past the dating phase. Now it’s gone over and beyond that. I’m actually exploring the whole concept of marriage. The whole “till death do us part” deal. I want to get married and have a husband that I can love and be loved by. It’s not romantic. It’s just a desire. I like that idea of having someone other than myself to think about and fuss about.

Anyway, here goes:

1. Taller than me
2. Older than me
3. Stronger than me (emotionally + physically)
4. Street smart
5. Rich
6. Happy
7. Easygoing
8. Simple
9. Polite
10. Generous
11. Reliable
12. Trustworthy
13. Honest
14. Good natured
15. Considerate
16. Funny
17. Christian
18. Proactive
19. Thinks things through
20. Plans for the future
21. Loves ME!

Am I asking for the moon, or what? (:

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