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November 27, 2008

Tell Me: Does anyone here love food reviews like I do?

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Okay peeps! I’m back from a long long long hiatus.

To make up for all the lost time..

I’m going to do my catch-up version of a favourite food review. Simply because I a huge aversion towards most food, SO, if I do find/have something that I enjoy consuming.. well, I think it’s worth blogging about.

FWAH! I’m melodramatic today.

ANYWAY! Let’s cut to the chase.

I now present to you: My #1 snack of all time!

The Kit Kat.
Kit Kat
I adore Kit Kat. I think it’s one of the most intelligent and note-worthy inventions of all time. Why didn’t they win a Nobel Prize for this? It’s so yummy and yet so affordable. A piece of chocolate, well, half of which isn’t really chocolate. But that’s the beauty of it! A humble, and oh so simple snack. With lovely red and eye-catching packaging too!

And it’s one of those snacks that tries to do everything. Look at the dozens of flavours (e.g. green tea, peanut butter, strawberry) it’s tried to form a partnership with. Some not-so-successful combinations, while some of them are just brilliantly fantastic! You have to give it some credit for trying to conqueor the world.

10/10 jellybeans!


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