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October 24, 2008


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I’m in love with silent rains. You know the kind when it rains during the peaceful part of the day? Rains like this is super romantic I reckon. Can you imagine being on a date, being under an umbrella and not talking; just dwelling in the fact that the both of you are in the rain, under the same umbrella, standing so close to each other that you can feel the other’s warmth? Or maybe in a car when the world is some how ‘melting’ all around you but that doesn’t matter cause you are safe and warm, with your date. Or maybe just being in bed with your significant other, cuddling and listening to the rain and each other’s breath. Doesn’t that make you all warm and fuzzy inside? (: Or maybe its just me.

Pastel Droplets V - Katosu at

Pastel Droplets V - Katosu at

Little Miss Perfect has been busy living her life lately. She’s been to parties and moving house and uh, a lot of studying! Yay to being a student!

And I have been busy announcing to the world that I am broke and if there’s a vacancy at a brothel… Oh and I’ve been busy writing a list of things to buy (Oh how quaint) for my room. I’ve been reading looking at a lot of jap mags too! Pretty picture’s! I’m contemplating changing styles. I’m getting tired of my laid back casual sucky dressing. I’m too young to dress this way! Its time for me to funk it up a lil bit and spice it up (Oh doesn’t that just sound kinky?). On to more colors and quirky combo’s! I’m currently loving colored and patterned tights! And nice sun dresses! Oh yes, and one piece bathing suits. You know the kind where its real low in front or has the sides cut away? Despite the funny tan line that one’ll get, its super hot! Hmm. Maybe this calls for a proper post. Oh! And I cant paint my nails to save my life. It never comes out perfect! ARGH!

Okay! I’ll be zooming off now, to live my young life.

At home. Playing online games or painting my nails (again) =.=


p/s: I thought I was weird until Miss Perfect came online ‘YAY. I’m studying’ she said.

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