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September 29, 2008

Favourite Food

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I love eating. And I love good food. I grew up eating the best food in town, waking up at unearthly hours, waiting in the sweltering heat just to satisfy my tummy is almost a norm. To me, having good food is essential. Whenever I have a bad meal, I am highly unhappy! And thus sulk and go off to have the best dessert I can find just to make up for it.

1. Seafood

I love seafood. Baked, fried, grilled, raw I’d eat ’em all! I have a weakness for seafood. It has to, of course, be fresh and done properly. Doesn’t the platter above just makes you want some? I don’t think that I have a favorite kind of seafood. Its too hard to choose!

2. Food where Nasi Lemak, Rendang, Satay, Lemang, Bubur Chacha, Laksa, Kueh Chap originated from!

Or more generally, Southeast Asian food! I’d love to add pictures under this category but there are just too much! If I did, there wont be an end to this post. Oh my. Just thinking about it is making me hungry. All these food are really disease inducing but really, its too good to not have! I may end up being old and full of disease but its all good. OH YES! Pork spare parts. I absolutely love pork spare parts. There are meals that just has to have pork spare parts. I can proudly declare that I’ve had the best malay and pork spare parts ever. EVER. Oh gawd. And to think that sometime soon, I wont be able to taste them anymore T.T People who cooks these should be awarded a medal or something. Oh, dont get me started on the desserts and kuih’s..

3. Meat


I love my meat. And I enjoy my hearty pieces of meat. Do away with the so called ‘artsy presentation’ with tiny pieces of meat, a whole lot of potatoes and vege’s with some sauce drizzled on the side and give me a big piece please! I’m paying $20 to be filled and not to admire your so called ‘perfect presentation’ and pretend its perfect. Why make it look so ‘good’ when its all going to come out one way? Psh. I like mine big and well done please! Ha!

4. Tropical Fruits

mMm! I love fruits too! Can you name all of them? One thing I love about tropical fruits is how you can add salt/sugar to some of them to enhance the flavor of the fruit. The above is my favvy fruits. Its been years and years since I had them. I remember how after dinner meal there will be a platter of fruits on the table for consumption. Because these fruits are considered ‘heaty’, I usually fall sick after being a glutton and having way too much. Oh and durians, I only eat the sweet ones.

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p/s: This is the longest post ever! It took me 4 hours to finish because I keep getting distracted! And I also think that this is a real bad topic. Its torture to be able to see pictures and not taste them. Oh boo!

September 7, 2008

My Ideal Vacation

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I love the sun. I love the sea. And I love being pampered.

To wake up to the sound of the sea lapping by the shore. Sliding the wide french doors to welcome the fresh salty air into the room. Ah! I can just feel it right now. Of course, no island escape will be complete without some bubbly and an odd companion! Oh and maybe the few odd hot guys (with nice bods!) too; to stare at while passing time at the beach. I’d have seafood and fruits for every meal and wear nice bikini’s/one piece’s under lose long tops/dresses everyday paired with a nice beach tote and pretty sandals. I’d play happy songs all day long and bounce around all day from the beach to the chalet! Sigh. Doesn’t that sound just awesome?

I also happen to love arts and architecture. I can see myself walking around the The Louvre, being silenced by the magnificent art all around, somehow afraid that the slightest sound I make will cause them all to disappear. Do you know how that feels like?

The colors! The straight edges and curves which balanced it out!
How can one not fall in love with that?

Yes, I would love to visit cities with are so rich with the arts and architecture and dwell upon the greatness of it all. Florence, Venice, Milan, Bath, Paris, Italy, Barcelona. To visit the places where these magnificent works of art are situated at and be awed by the magnificence of it. The sight of these buildings alone fill one with awe before even entering the building. Can you imagine how it feels like to visit the yet-to-be-completed Sagrada Família? How about seeing the intricate details of the Pietà up close? I would love to walk down those quaint little cobbler stone streets hidden away from the main city and just see how the locals live, to try the food available at the local eatery or to just gawk at the incredibly cute local boys there. To just be like a sponge and absorb all the culture, art and richness these cities have to offer. Not to mention to feed the inner shopaholic in me. Ah yes. The richness that these cities have to offer just makes one fall in love; either with the city itself or some incredibly cute local boys! Mmm.. I wonder if I’ll be able to visit them one day.

Oh! I forgot. I dont need a 5 star hotel when visiting! Some local affordable bed and breakfast will be good enough! Tucked away from the city, cute, quiet and safe. And I’d be contented with local food and red wine for dinner everyday! See? I am easy to please after all!

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September 6, 2008

Tell Me: What is your ideal sort of holiday?

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There are only two types of holidays that I love and enjoy.

1.  The Tropics

It has to be in a 5 star resort, situated near a white sandy beach with crystal clear water. I think I’m a sucker for luxury. I have to be spoilt rotten.. with lots of food, drink and sunbathing. Loose and colourful beach clothes/swimwear. Tens of hours of sleep. Unlimited room service. And a lovely sunset. I think the best part about holidays like this is that it actually gives you the chance to do serious relaxation. Like snorkeling in the sea with the fish or reading a book by the beach.

2. The Urban City

Shopping in a urban setting, particularly in one of the major Asian cities, is one of the best holidays any girl could ever dream of. Especially me! The variety of bags, shoes and dresses.. the big brands, the cheapie bargains. It’s just one of those things that makes me go crazy with joy. The atmosphere and food. The hotels and taxis. The late nights and busy malls. The people around me rushing about. The city, full of life and bustling with activity. Well of course, I’d need good company and a couple of credit cards on a holiday such as this one.

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