Almost Ladies

August 16, 2008


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You know, I always thought that I was a good friend. I’ll try to always be there when one needs me. I’m never good with advices or when you cry but I always have a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear. I am always there to talk and get drunk if that is what you need. I am there when a friends needs me and is up to talk about anything and everything. I really do think that I am as good a friend as I can be.

But; I am tired of being a friend to you. These few years has shown me your bad side. I can deal with a lot when I consider one a friend; ignorance? Don’t say I did not warn you. Stubborn? Ok, up to you. That is how we have always been. But the one trait about you that I cannot take anymore is your selfishness. I’m tired of you taking me for granted and the thing’s I do with the excuse ‘That is what friends are for.’ Yea, friends are for you to suck and leech on for everything they can offer you eh?

I also know quite a few traits of you that you don’t think I know. You would be surprised at how much I know. These traits are stuff I don’t think I will want in a person I call ‘friend’.Because of these traits, I don’t think I can trust you as much as I would like to. I’ve always been an open book. You mess with me; you feel my wrath. But you are different. You’ll never be as ‘mean’ as I am but you take the I’ll-just-leave-you road aka the high road so that people will think you are the nicer one.

I thought you knew how to be a good friend. I really honestly did. But not until you started to compare. Me vs You. How nice. You know that you’ll come out the winner cause well; I am not a nice person to mess with. Plus, I am immature, childish and stupid. Oh not to mention stubborn, party girl, player and gold digger. Well, to you I am. How many times have I heard from you how immature and childish I am? I admit that I am. I take unnecessary risks, live on the edge and impulses. You’ve always had a problem with me doing that. I wonder why.

All these years, we have never truly cared about one another. That is why we refused to listen when we dish out advices to the other. Which is also why we’ll never be great friends. You’ve always been jealous of the r/s I have with the BFF and you try to have that with me. But you never see what’s wrong with our relationship and blames it on the fact that we are just too different. Lame excuse?

What I hate about you is how you think you are so close to perfect and I am just a mere girl. I don’t cook or clean. And for that I am a failure as a girl. Pft. Whatever. You fail to see your flaws and weaknesses. But its ok; you’ll see it one day. And I hate your selfishness. The world does not revolve around you and I am still having fun with my other friends. Sorry to say. Just because you don’t have a social life doesn’t mean I cant have one, no?

Tonight was the end of it all. You’ve unknowingly taken the last of what we had and manage to chuck it in the bin. So thank you. I’m finally walking out the door and not coming back anymore.

‘If you cant take me at my worse, You sure as hell dont deserve me at my best’
Marilyn Monroe.

You know what you’ve done. I reckon its time you stop focusing on yourself and start realizing your surroundings. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Very surprised.


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