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August 25, 2008

Boy-Girl relations.

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I’m very updated on goss now. Let me share some.

Girl A is ok looking. Above average. I used to think she was gorgeous the first time I met her thou. But her looks got kinda old after a while and I don’t even see her often! She is super super skinny thou. Her thighs are my arms -.- Anyway, guys go ga-ga over her. So she is going out with this alien looking guy (I swear I am not exaggerating!) She was away visiting her family for a while and had trouble with her visa when attempting to come back into the country and was stranded for a very long while. When she got back, she got two LV bags and was serenaded later at night by her boyfriend.

Tell me: What do you think about the notion of being romantic and romance?

I personally reckon that what the guy did was cheap romance. Oh c’mon. How many times have you seen that on tv? How many guys are buying their girls branded goods? A friend once said that a lot of international girl’s are just a cheaper versions of an escort. Sex every night = Branded goods a few times a month. I don’t know what the rate is for a professional escort but I reckon that it costs more than a few brands one month.

I think that romance in itself doest cost a lot of money. Flowers are not romantic, they die! I think that real romance lives on even after the relationship is no more there. I also think that romance without ‘love’/like are just empty gestures. Romance doesn’t have to cost much; all it needs is just being raw, doing stuff ‘just because’. Waking up early to make breakfast, get all dressed up for a nice dinner at home, a slow walk during a starry night. All these are just fine and they don’t cost as much as a pair of red soles. For a pair of red soles you can buy tickets to Paris and walk down those quaint little streets hand in hand; how much more romantic can it get?

I personally reckon that romance is over-rated yet under-rated at the same time. There is a lot of romance going on at the moment but its without real feelings, but yet, there’s too little romance going on when feelings are just over flowing. I look at old couples who still walks hand in hand down the street and I stare at them with envy. I also do wonder, what do they do to keep the spark alive?

‘If you had the chance to do it all over again, would you?’

There is a lot I’d change. The first thing that crept into my mind was how I would be more romantic, to be more vocal about my feelings. Is it just me or are there people like this as well? I love being romanced and well, I have to say that I have not been good enough. If I had another go at it, I would be more romantic. After all, I’m sure guys loved being romanced as girls do.

My notion of romance is simple. Keep it simple. No fancy stuff. Keep it real and raw. A peck before you leave work and pillow talks is sufficient for me. Too many surprises too often just takes the whole fun out of it. Everyone loves being swept off their feet and romanced once in a while, so why not?

So tell me, what do you think about romance and being romantic? Is it just a gesture to get the person you want or should there be something more to it?


August 24, 2008

Tell Me: How do you stay in touch with the rest of the world?

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For me, it’s my mobile phone. I absolutely cannot live without my mobile phone. It’s the fastest and most convienient way of keeping in touch and staying in contact with friends and family. So, when I found out that I’d used up all my texts for the month.. AGAIN..

I freaked out.

How can this be happening to me?!

Now I have no choice but to use Facebook and Gmail for the next 3 days.

Boo hoo! ):

August 18, 2008

Protected: Today!

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Tell Me: Have you ever had days like this?

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A mad and sad day.

It’s days like these.. which tempt you into wallowing in self-pity.

A total waste of a day.

August 16, 2008

Tell Me: What are your views on marriage?

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Today, I just want to say one thing: I want to get married.

I know it’s old fashioned and silly. But I really do want to get married. Despite what everyone will probably say.. and how uncool I’d probably look compared to the rest of my generation.. But I don’t care!

I think marriage is a wonderful thing. And I think having that sort of a relationship with someone else is something extremely precious and unique.

It’s boring to always be by yourself anyway.

And it boring to always be in love with yourself.

So why not dare to be different and love someone else too..
(just for a change?)


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You know, I always thought that I was a good friend. I’ll try to always be there when one needs me. I’m never good with advices or when you cry but I always have a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear. I am always there to talk and get drunk if that is what you need. I am there when a friends needs me and is up to talk about anything and everything. I really do think that I am as good a friend as I can be.

But; I am tired of being a friend to you. These few years has shown me your bad side. I can deal with a lot when I consider one a friend; ignorance? Don’t say I did not warn you. Stubborn? Ok, up to you. That is how we have always been. But the one trait about you that I cannot take anymore is your selfishness. I’m tired of you taking me for granted and the thing’s I do with the excuse ‘That is what friends are for.’ Yea, friends are for you to suck and leech on for everything they can offer you eh?

I also know quite a few traits of you that you don’t think I know. You would be surprised at how much I know. These traits are stuff I don’t think I will want in a person I call ‘friend’.Because of these traits, I don’t think I can trust you as much as I would like to. I’ve always been an open book. You mess with me; you feel my wrath. But you are different. You’ll never be as ‘mean’ as I am but you take the I’ll-just-leave-you road aka the high road so that people will think you are the nicer one.

I thought you knew how to be a good friend. I really honestly did. But not until you started to compare. Me vs You. How nice. You know that you’ll come out the winner cause well; I am not a nice person to mess with. Plus, I am immature, childish and stupid. Oh not to mention stubborn, party girl, player and gold digger. Well, to you I am. How many times have I heard from you how immature and childish I am? I admit that I am. I take unnecessary risks, live on the edge and impulses. You’ve always had a problem with me doing that. I wonder why.

All these years, we have never truly cared about one another. That is why we refused to listen when we dish out advices to the other. Which is also why we’ll never be great friends. You’ve always been jealous of the r/s I have with the BFF and you try to have that with me. But you never see what’s wrong with our relationship and blames it on the fact that we are just too different. Lame excuse?

What I hate about you is how you think you are so close to perfect and I am just a mere girl. I don’t cook or clean. And for that I am a failure as a girl. Pft. Whatever. You fail to see your flaws and weaknesses. But its ok; you’ll see it one day. And I hate your selfishness. The world does not revolve around you and I am still having fun with my other friends. Sorry to say. Just because you don’t have a social life doesn’t mean I cant have one, no?

Tonight was the end of it all. You’ve unknowingly taken the last of what we had and manage to chuck it in the bin. So thank you. I’m finally walking out the door and not coming back anymore.

‘If you cant take me at my worse, You sure as hell dont deserve me at my best’
Marilyn Monroe.

You know what you’ve done. I reckon its time you stop focusing on yourself and start realizing your surroundings. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Very surprised.

August 9, 2008

Because of you.

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Because of You – Ne-yo

Few hours ago, I was out with the bestie and her group of friends for dinner and karaoke. I had a real nice time! Thank you for asking me along! xx

While we were walking along the streets, I felt that something was different. The cold air was the only thing familiar. I remembered times when I was as cold as I was and then it came to me. The people. I am not saying that these people are not good company (In fact I don’t know how long it has been since I laughed so much not in front of a pc!) but its just.. different. When I am with the other group of people, there is like a boundary between me and them; sure on the surface I got along fine and in some cases better than how I did tonight but there is that gap there like I’ll always be the different one. Maybe its because of the communication or maybe its because of the way of living/thinking/socializing/attitude but tonight I actually felt at ease; like I was actually there. I tend to study people before I do anything and more often than not, when I do that, a lot of people just let me be and hence the gap. But tonight was kinda different. But I have to say thou, I kinda missed the ‘old times’.


August 8, 2008

Tell Me: Have you ever been stressed out while shopping?

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Okay, I beg to differ. I am not like MOST GIRLS. I get stressed out over shopping. Seriously. I’m always in perpetual agony when I do seriously shopping (i.e. with the intention to buy something). Please note that serious shopping is different from window-shopping. The latter is stress-free. But when I go out with the desire and goal to make a purchase.. you can be sure it’ll end in tragedy. And I think it’s because I’m a crazy, materialistic and greedy pig. I like everything I see and covet everything I try on. But obviously, my pockets and wallets are screaming otherwise.

Today, I went out shopping for a dress. And I found one! Which was great. A real bargain – $20. Pink and candy and super duper girly. I loved it and I bought it. Period. Then I saw some nice tops at another shop which is on the verge of closing down. Bought a couple from there for $10 each. More great bargains. BUT.. here comes the worst bit.. I saw a pair of shoes, which I am really dying to own. Unfortunately, the price is a bit steep and way out of my budget at $80. Now that made me depressed and tired because I’ve been looking for a decent pair of proper womanly, possibly working-type shoes.. and well, I’ve found it, but can I actually afford it? Mr BF said no. Ms BFF said yes. This is what happens when you go out shopping with your loved ones. UGH!

So now I’m home and feeling quite happy with my bargains.. but at the same time, I have this incredibly tiny naggy thought surfacing from the back of my mind.. and absolutely driving me nuts saying: THOSE SHOES! BUY THOSE SHOES! THEY’RE SO PRETTY AND CUTE! BESIDES, YOU DON’T HAVE THAT MANY SHOES! SO, WHY NOT? GOOD SHOES COST HEAPS ANYWAY!

Typical thoughts.

So now I’m in a huge dilemma.
I’m hoping my sister will save me tomorrow.

Oh God, please help me! ):

P.S. Dear Little Miss Promiscuous, I absolutely love the birthday picture. Thank you so very much! (:

August 5, 2008

Dear Little Miss Perfect;

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I’m sorry the cake looks weird and so does the party hat.
But I hope you like the new pink you with black heels!

Happy Birthday!


p/s: The black dots are supposed to be Oreo pieces.

August 4, 2008

Tell Me: Why are some girls just so freaking irritating?

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I hate dealing with stupid, lazy and fake girls.

I’m going to get back by guilt-tripping all of them.

One by one.

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